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Manufacture's Links

Welcome to the Manufactures Links page.  On this page you will find over 150 links to manufactures of hard baits and lures from the U.S.A. and around the world.

Updated September 14, 2012


3:16 Lure Company   Makers of Swimbaits


A.B.T. Lure Company   Designer of the King Shad

A. C. Plugs   Original Swimbaits

A. C. Shiner   Ceder and Balsa Wood Hard Baits

Accent Fishing Products   Hardbaits & Wire Baits

Ace Baits    Muskie and Pike lures

Acme Tackle Company   Manufacture of Spoons

Aiden James Lures    Maker of "Spaz the Mouse"

Allen Lures   Crankbaits, Topwaters, & More

Al's Goldfish Lure Co.    Spoons and More

Ambush Lures
   Crankbaits, Jerkbaits, & Topwaters

American Hardwood Lures    Pike and Muskie Lures

Amma Bama Lures   Pike and Musky Lures

Angler's Republic    Japanese Tackle Maker

Arbogast Lure Company  Jitterbugs and Hula Poppers

Arcadia Reef   Japanese Tackle Maker

Attic    Hard Baits from Japan

AusSpin Lures   Australian Wire Baits and More

Awesome Bait Company
    Wooden Crankbaits

Azuma  New Hardbait Company


Bagley Bait Company    Balsa Wood Baits

Baker Lures  Hardbait Manufacture

Balzer  German Lure Manufacture

Bandit Lures   Crankbaits for Bass

Bass Assault Lures    Wire Baits & Jigs

    Japanese Hardbaits

BassHunters     Custom Painted Crankbaits

Bay de Noc Lure Co.    Spoons

Bayou Outdoors
Buzzbaits and Spinnerbaits

Bayou Tackle Co.    Buzzbaits and Spinnerbaits
BB Lures  Custom Painted Crankbaits

Benntencourt Baits
   Makers of the Real Snake

Berkley Fishing   Frenzy Hardbaits

Big Fork Lures   Handcrafted Wood Lures

Bill Lewis Lures   Maker of the Rat-L-Trap

Black Dog Baits  Premium hardbaits & Swimbaits

Black Sheep   Whiplash lures from Japan

Blackwater Bait Co.  Premium Wood Topwater

Blakemore Lures   Maker of the Road Runner

Blue Fox   In-Line Spinners

Bobbie Bait    Pike and Muskie Lures

Bomber Lures     Model A & Fat Free Shads

Boone Bait Co.     Saltwater Lures

    Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits, & Jigs

Booze Bait   Cork and Cap Topwater Lures
Brad's Killer Fishing Gear
   Storm Style Hardbaits

Brian's Bees
    Balsa Wood Crankbaits

Brost Bait Co.   Hand Carved Wooden Lures

Buckeye Lures
    Custom Made Baits

Bumper Stumper Lures    Spinnerbaits & Buzzbaits


C.C. Baits   Japanese Swim Baits

C.M. Wiggle Bait Company    Lures and Fish Decoys

Carolina Custom Crankbaits   Handmade Balsa Baits

Castiac Swim Baits   Swim Baits

Catchem Caro Bait Co.  Hand Made Wood Lures

Cavitron Buzzbaits    Buzzbaits

Challenger Lures    Lynx Minnows and More

Cormoran    Japanese Hardbaits

Cotton Cordell   Walleye and Bass Baits

Creek Chub  Maker of the Unique Knuckle-Head

Creme    Makers of Soft and Hard Baits

  Hard Baits by Owner

Custom Bass Tackle   Custom Painted Baits

Custom Lures By Sam      Lures by Sam Griffin

Custom Lures Unlimited    Custom Hard Baits


D Baits   Balsa Wood Foil- Finished Baits

Daiwa Lures    Daiwa & Team Daiwa Lures

Dakota Lakes Tackle  Custom Painted Lures & Bodies

Dale Sellers Custom Lures    Just What it Says!

Davis Bait Company    Spinnerbaits & Jigs

Dave's KA-Boom Baits  Plastic & Balsa Baits

Deps   Topwater & Swimbaits from Japan

Dick Nite Spoons    Spoons

Drifter Tackle    Muskie Baits

Dow Luck   Japanese Topwater Lures

Downriver Tackle    Custom Painted Baits

Ducktail Musky Lures   Hard Baits & Wire Baits

Dunwright Tackle Company   Muskie & Pike Baits

Duo    Hardbaits from Japan

Dutch Fork Custom Lures   Custom Painted Baits


Ecogear   Hard & Soft Baits from Japan

Envision Lures    Spinnerbaits and Buzzbaits

Eppinger Manufacturing Company    Spoons

Erie Dearie Lures    Spinners & Spoons


Felmlee  Lures   Spinners & Soft Naturals

Fishmans Baits    Custom Painted Lures

Fishnuts    Soft Baits & Custom Painted Hard Baits

Fish Sense Lures    Binsky Blade Baits

Fish Skin Lures  Hand Carved Fish Skin Lures

FLT Flex Lure Technology
   Swim Baits from Japan

Foss Tackle Co.     Muskie Spinners

Fox Creek Lures
     Unique Spinners & Spoons

Fury Lures    Hardbaits


Gator Lures   Weedless Spoons

Germanbaits    German Tackle Maker

Gilmore Tackle Company    Wood Topwater Baits

Gopher Bait Company   Muskie and Pike Lures

Grandma Lures   Musky and Pike Jerkbaits

Guus Baits   Jerkbaits from Guus Cornelissen


H2O Muskie Tackle Company    Muskie Lures

H2ybrid Lures   Hardbaits from South Africa

Harry Lure Company

Hart Tackle   Spinnerbaits and Buzzbaits

Harvo Musky Lures   Musky and Pike Lures

Heddon Lure Company   Classic Topwater Baits

H & H Lure Company          Spinnerbaits, more

Hi-Finn Tackle    Pike and Muskie baits

High Roller Lures   Peacock Bass Lures, & More

Hiyoko Brand    Baits from Japan

HMKL    Hard Baits & Wire Baits from Japan

Hopkins Lures  Stainless Steel Lures

Hughes Custom Painted Baits   Custom Hard Baits


Imakatsu    Lures from Japan

Ima Lures    Japanese Hardbaits


Jackall Bros.    Japanese Hard Baits

Jarmo Lures    Lures by Jarmo Rapala

JLV Lures    Hardbaits and Spinnerbaits

Joe's Custom Baits    Custom Painted Baits


Karikko    Hard Baits from Finland

KaRu Lures   Wire Baits and Jigs

Katanalures  Hard Baits from France

K & E Tackle     Swim Wizz Hard Baits

Keg Tackle    Muskie and Pike Lures

Keystone Precision Lures
   Spinnerbaits & Buzzbaits

Kinami Baits    Soft Baits  & Hard Baits

Koppers Tackle      Life Like Lures


Lance Lures   Muskie and Pike Lures

Laser Lures    Laser Enhancement Technology

Lakeshore Lure Co.   Muskie and Pike Jerkbaits

Lazy Ike   Classic Old School Lures

Lee Sisson Lures   Wooden Lures

Leo-Lures    Handmade Ceder Musky Lures

Lindy Tackle    Ice Fishing Jigs, Spoons, & Hardbaits

Lobina Lures    Makers of the Rick Clunn Rico

Lock Lizard    Topwater Lizard Baits

Lucky Craft Japan  Japanese Site

Lucky Craft USA   American Site

Lucky Strike Bait Works   Plugs, Spinners, & Spoons

Luhr Jensen   Hard Baits for Casting & Trolling

Lunker Lures    Buzzbaits & Spinnerbaits

LW Luresmith Custom Baits    Custom Lures


Macatawa Bait Company   Lures and Fish Decoys

Mann's Bait Company   Maker of the Baby Minus

Matt Lures    Swimbaits for Bass

Matzuo    Hardbaits and Swimbaits

Maxota    Wounded Tail Baits

McGrath Lures Australia
    Australian Hard Baits

MCL Lures   Custom Swimbaits from Germany

Meat and Potatoes     Hardbaits & Wire Baits

Megabass USA
    Premium Japanese Baits

Mentzer Lures    Replica Vamp Lures

Mepp's / Sheldon's   In-Line Spinners

Mimic Lures   Wooden Baits from Tennessee

MirrOlure   Fresh and Saltwater Baits

MS Slammer    Swimbaits for Bass

Muskie Catcher Lures  Muskie & Pike Baits

Muskie Magnet
      Muskie & Pike Baits

Muskie Metal Lures  Muskie & Pike Lures

Musky Mania      Muskie & Pike Baits

Mystic Tackleworks    Bio Pulse Lures


Natural Edge Painting   Custom Painted Hardbaits

Nemire Lures
    Weedless Spoons

Nichols Lures   Spinnerbaits

Nories     Tackle from Japan

Norman Lures    American Made Crankbaits

Northamfishing    Wire baits from Canada

Northland Fishing Tackle    Pre-Rigged Soft Baits

Norwegian Wood Lures  Wood Lures from Norway


O.S.P.    Hard Baits from Japan

Oar-Gee Lures   Australian Hard Baits

Ohio Pro Lure   Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits, & Jigs

Optimum Baits   Japanese Swimbaits

Oscar Custom Baits
    Custom Painted Lures


Panther Martin   In-Line Spinners & More

Persuader American Angling   Spinnerbaits & Buzzbaits

Phantom Lures   Muskie and Pike Baits

Phenix Rod & Bait Company   Spinnerbaits & Jigs

PK Lures  Ice Fishing Jigs ans Spoons

Pradco Outdoor Brands
  Bomber, Heddon, Smithwick...


Rad Lures   Maker of the Original Chatter Bait

Rapala Lures    Maker of the Finish Minnow

Reaction Strike  Hard Baits and Swim Baits

Rebel Lures
   Makers of the Wee-R and Wee Craw

Revenge Baits   Spinnerbaits & Buzzbaits

Revere Maxx Fishing   Rock Star Frogs

Revolution Lures   Spinnerbaits & Buzzbaits

    Hard Baits and Wire Baits

River2Sea USA    Hard Baits and Wire Baits

Rocky Ledge Bass Tackle    Lead Free Lures


Salmo Fishing Lures   Baits from Poland

Savage-Gear    Swimbaits and Muskie Lures

Sebile Lures    Quality Saltwater Tackle

Secret Weapon Lures    Spinnerbaits & Buzzbaits

Silver Buddy    Blade Baits

Slammer Tackle Company   Muskie & Pike Lures

Smithwick Lure Company   Rogues and Devil's Horses

Smity Bait    Bass, Pike, & Muskie Plugs

Snag Proof    Weedless Frogs

S.O.B. Lures   Spinnerbaits & Buzzbaits

Southern Lure Company   Weedless Frogs, & Rats

Spanky Baits   Musky Spinners and Spinnerbaits

Spro Corp
   Weedless Frogs & Hard Baits

Stanford Cedar Lures   Custom Cedar Bass Baits

Stanley Jigs
    Jigs & Spinnerbaits

Storm Lures    Hard Baits & Hybrid Baits

Strictly Bass Lures    Buzzbaits & Spinnerbaits

Strike King Lures   Spinnerbaits & Hard Baits

Strike On Lures   Rabbit Hair Baits

Strike Pro USA    Crankbaits, Jerkbaits, & More

Strike Pro International  Swimbaits, Jerkbaits...

Suddeth Crankbaits   Polyurethane Foam Crankbaits

Suick Lure Manufacturing    Muskie Baits

Sum Lures  Hard Baits from Kyoto Japan


T Clark Custom   Custom Painted Hard Baits

Tennessee Tuffy Crankbaits
    Balsa Wood Crankbaits

Terminator Lures    Titanium Spinnerbaits

Thomas Spinning Lures   Spinners and Spoons

Trophy Sticks   Custom Hand Crafted Baits

Tru-Tungsten   Swimbaits

TT Lures  Australian Blades, Jigs, and Spinnerbaits

Tyrant Tackle   Muskie and Pike Lures


Ugly Duckling Lures   Hard Bait Maker

Uncle Josh  Pork Trailers and Swimbaits


    Japanese Hard Baits

Vanndalizer Custom Baits  Custom Balsa Baits & Painting

   Tackle from Japan

Viking Fishing   Hard Baits from Sweden

Vision Lures      Wire Baits and Jigs


Wally G Baits   Wooden Handcafted Baits

Weedless Lures   Weedless Spoons & Plugs

Williamson Lures   Saltwater Lures


Xcailbur Hi-Tech Tackle   Pradco's Premium Line

Xtreme Lure Creations   Custom Painted Hardbaits


Yakima Bait Company   Poe's ,Hawg Boss & Timber Tigers

Yellow Magic Lures   Japanese Topwater Baits

Yo-Zuri    Maker of the Live Bait Series

Yum    Maker of the Dancin' Eel


Z-Man    Swim Jigs

Zap Lures   Wire Baits and Jigs
Zed Lures   Lures from Australia

Zip Baits   New Concept Baits from Japan   Big Fish Tackle   Top Fishing Websites at TopFishingSites.Com   image linking to 100 Top Bait and Tackle Sites